And when it does, God does his greatest work!

Our world is becoming increasingly violent and troubled, marked by countless natural and manmade disasters, and life crises: tsunamis, earthquakes, terrorist mass killings, wars, job insecurity, financial struggles, and more. In response to the chaos and confusion, an ever-increasing number of us are suffering physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually, trying to survive the daily grind of hectic lives. In such times, it is vital that our faith “not rest on human wisdom, but on God’s power” (1 Corinthians¬†2:5).¬†

In Find Strength in Your Struggle: Discover the Miracle in You, you will:

  • Learn ways to manage stress and anxiety and maintain healthy emotional, psychological, behavioral, and spiritual functioning. 
  • Explore the connection between spirituality and physical health, emotional well-being, and positive mental strength and resilience. 
  • Discover how to place your faith firmly in God in the midst of even life’s worst tests, trials, and tragedies, and see God do His greatest work in you!

‚ÄčIn Find Strength in Your Struggle: Discover the Miracle in You, you will learn that God created you to thrive, not just survive. You will deepen your faith in God, and trust that He has given you all you need to overcome any and every adversity life throws at you. You will find new depths of peace, joy, and personal power. Allow God to do His best work in you, today.